Meaning of hachures in English:


Pronunciation /haˈʃjʊəz/

plural noun

  • Parallel lines used in hill-shading on maps, their closeness indicating steepness of gradient.

    ‘For example, British cartographers favoured showing height by means of contour lines while the French preferred hachures.’
    • ‘In the background hachures and shading are used to represent the value of the current velocity.’
    • ‘You may be able to work around the problem by turning off the hachures for all contours except the innermost closed contour.’
    • ‘Although thicker hachures indicate steeper slopes, hachure density remains constant throughout the map area except in areas of gentle slope.’
    • ‘A map drawn with contours contains all of the information that a map with hachures and tinting has, plus it contains elevations.’


Mid 19th century from French, from hacher (see hatch).