Meaning of hack around in English:

hack around

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phrasal verb

informal North American
  • Pass one's time idly or with no definite purpose.

    • ‘she hacked around with neighbourhood buddies’
    • ‘I just hacked around town on my own, running errands.’
    • ‘It had to be a directed activity - dozing in the sun would be hacking around, but building a dam in the creek would not be.’
    • ‘Because I'm going to make the improvements on this new ship of yours before I decide to start hacking around.’
    • ‘The Racquet Clubbers had little in common with the inventors of squash - aimless schoolboys hacking around back alleys avoiding homework.’
    • ‘We were playing a lot together, hacking around, and drinking a lot of free beer.’
    • ‘To be hacking around in his company is to be handed the ultimate humiliation.’
    • ‘I had no lessons or anything, so I kind of hacked around until I was 17, then I quit.’