Meaning of hackamore in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhakəmɔː/


  • A bridle without a bit, operating by exerting pressure on the horse's nose.

    ‘When we tried her out she was riding with a hackamore.’
    • ‘Much of the program is taught to the human and the horse using a rope halter and rope hackamore.’
    • ‘The no bit bridle from the equestrian company, is not hackamore based.’
    • ‘Trek hopped over the gate easily, something he hadn't done in a while, and slipped the hackamore over his rope halter.’
    • ‘He danced to a stop, neck forced into a tight arch, his rider's hand tight on the hackamore.’


Mid 19th century perhaps from Spanish jaquima, earlier xaquima ‘halter’.