Meaning of hacking cough in English:

hacking cough



  • A short, dry, frequent cough.

    ‘I tried this on my children - who have both been off school with hacking coughs and high temperatures - and they haven't looked me in the eye since.’
    • ‘The room was filled with a cacophony of hacking coughs from tuberculotic infants for the hour that I sat patiently waiting my turn.’
    • ‘Then, as the tunnel neared completion in 1996, dozens of the crew developed hacking coughs, chest pains and breathing difficulties.’
    • ‘According to the article, residents of these federally subsidized buildings have complained of rashes, hacking coughs, respiratory problems, headaches, nosebleeds and high blood pressure over the last two years.’
    • ‘Hopefully sleep will not be interrupted by bloody noses, hacking coughs, ear aches or snoring.’
    • ‘‘I'll come back later,’ I say through hacking coughs as I run out of the room.’
    • ‘Away from my mother's hacking coughs and late night tears, away from my aunts bustling up and down the hall and muttered curses and condolences.’
    • ‘I protested, then lapsed into a string of hacking coughs.’
    • ‘I had to fake a series of hacking coughs to hide my sniggering.’
    • ‘My two-year-old daughter has a hacking cough and has had a cold for a month.’