Meaning of had best do something in English:

had best do something


  • Find it most sensible or well advised to do the thing mentioned.

    ‘I'd best be going’
    • ‘Anyone who wants to raise this as a problem had best do it behind his back, because if he's around to respond, he will respond brilliantly.’
    • ‘My impression is that they realize that there's a crisis here, and they had best do something about it.’
    • ‘Having become totally addicted to waterfall hiking we realized we had best do it safely and respectfully.’
    • ‘If we do truly seal our border we had best do it with a true open door for those to walk through legally.’
    • ‘Only you can force sustained revenue and earnings growth at your agency and you had best do it now.’
    • ‘If we are going to do something, we had best do it quick, before they get completely out of our range.’
    • ‘If we do not want them guiding it over a cliff, we had best do something to pry them from the grip of leftists.’
    • ‘So, attention Democrats: If you want to do something dramatic with your new majority, you had best do it now.’
    • ‘I really believe if you want to be successful today in this arena, you had best do it all.’
    • ‘Then when you don't pay them on Friday and you say we will get a check to you by Monday you had best do it.’
    • ‘He arises again and calls in his friends and servants and tells them that if they have any business that requires his attention they had best do it now.’
    • ‘If the duo have any plans at all of going outside, they had best do it early.’
    • ‘If you want the corner curvature to be right you had best do it yourself.’
    • ‘The two had agreed that to prevent any leakage, the then Law Minister had best do it himself, involving no official, not even a stenographer.’
    • ‘So, a company that puts itself up for sale, with the intent of staying intact after the sale, had best do something about that.’
    • ‘Yet now, nearly six weeks after Moses disappeared into the smoke and fire, they had decided that he had vanished off the face of the earth, and therefore they had best do something.’
    • ‘You had best be careful, there is a lot at stake here’
    • ‘And he thinks ‘twill be very wet weather; So my friends and good fellows, You had best get home dry altogether. “’
    • ‘My older son said, "Dad, it's still us three against the world, and the world had best watch out."’
    • ‘Apple had best hurry up with that video.’