Meaning of hadada in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhɑːdədɑː/


(also hadeda)
  • A large grey-brown African ibis with iridescent patches on the wings and a loud, harsh call.

    Bostrychia or 'Hagedashia' hagedash, family Threskiornithidae

    ‘The hadada ibis is surrounded by many legends among African communities.’
    • ‘Jo'burgers know hadedas well: they are often woken in the mornings by the loud ha-ha-ha-dahah of the large, dull-grey bird with its striking curved beak.’
    • ‘Early-morning dew, mist on the mountains, the usual 3-pack of hadedas flying overhead calling loudly on their way to their day-jobs.’
    • ‘Flying in from the top of the canvas were three or four hadedas.’
    • ‘It's not every day that I wake up to the calls of hadada ibis, or to the sight of a giraffe peering at me through the trees.’


Late 18th century imitative of its call.