Meaning of haddock in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhadək/

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nounplural noun haddock

  • A silvery-grey bottom-dwelling fish of North Atlantic coastal waters, related to the cod. It is popular as a food fish and is of great commercial value.

    Melanogrammus aeglefinus, family Gadidae

    ‘But if you can't find the best cod, then use chunky hake, haddock or sea bass fillets instead.’
    • ‘Remove the skin from the smoked haddock and place the fish in a lightly buttered baking dish.’
    • ‘My huge bowl contained large, moist chunks of tangy smoked haddock and other white fish in a delicious creamy sauce.’
    • ‘The fish - mainly haddock, cod, whiting and flatfish - are usually dead by the time they are returned to the water.’
    • ‘Experts warn that continued intensive fishing would mean stocks of cod as well as other popular fish like hake and haddock might never recover.’
    • ‘Top with the smoked haddock, scatter with spring onions, add a spoonful of the sauce and serve.’
    • ‘For culinary purposes, the haddock and the cod are close competitors.’
    • ‘Every year, more than half the cod and haddock in the North Sea were being caught.’
    • ‘They also know nothing about fishing - they think the haddock for their fish suppers comes out of the North Sea already battered.’
    • ‘Instead of cod, haddock and herring, you could pick up seahorses, red snappers, and leatherback turtles.’
    • ‘Cut the eel, monkfish, haddock or whatever into large chunks, much longer and fatter than you could eat in one go.’
    • ‘Under the proposed regime, boats cannot fish in the haddock zone and cod restricted zone on the same trip.’
    • ‘This will mean an influx of cod, haddock, and other cultivated fish to European waters.’
    • ‘The weather has been good and the vessels have had catches of whiting haddock, monkfish, and plaice.’
    • ‘Poach the haddock in the milk for five minutes, drain and flake, removing any bones.’
    • ‘But the threat of a ban on fishing for cod, whiting and haddock brings home the stark reality.’
    • ‘Further plans are in the pipeline for stocks including southern hake, sole, haddock and Norway lobster.’
    • ‘Main species on the market were haddock and cod, which were met with a good demand on a market that had been short of fish for a lengthy period.’
    • ‘I started with a smoked haddock and spinach quiche, with a roast scallop, and lemon dressing.’
    • ‘Our haddock comes straight from Scarborough, we pick the best haddock we can get.’


Middle English from Anglo-Norman French hadoc, from Old French hadot, of unknown origin.