Meaning of hade in English:


Pronunciation /heɪd/


  • The inclination of a mineral vein or fault from the vertical.


[no object]Geology
  • (of a shaft, vein, or fault) incline from the vertical.

    ‘it was hading eighteen inches for every fathom in depth’
    • ‘We dropped down to a lower level were we encountered a hading (inclined from the vertical) fault plane which was rather awkward and tiring as we were walking at an angle!’
    • ‘After a short while we entered a fine hading rift, which we followed until the way on, became too low.’
    • ‘Down to the right a small hole disappears into a hading rift.’
    • ‘The water enters from a high, very narrow haded rift in the far wall, passable (by thin cavers only) for a few metres in the upper half.’


Late 17th century perhaps a dialect form of the verb head.