Meaning of haematemesis in English:


Pronunciation /ˌhiːməˈtɛmɪsɪs/


mass nounMedicine
  • The vomiting of blood.

    ‘The patient represented ten months after the laryngectomy and neck dissection with a one day history of intermittent haemoptysis and haematemesis of fresh blood.’
    • ‘In contrast, posterior bleeding may be asymptomatic or may present insidiously as nausea, hematemesis, anemia, hemoptysis, or melena.’
    • ‘We describe two patients with alcoholic liver disease and haematemesis whose bleeding was not controlled by endoscopic treatment.’
    • ‘Lower bowel inflammation typically causes nausea, loss of appetite and fever followed by abdominal pain, hematemesis and bloody diarrhea.’
    • ‘At external examination, blood smears on the body surface resulting from hematemesis or melena were present in 40 cases.’


Early 19th century from haemato-‘of blood’ + Greek emesis ‘vomiting’.