Meaning of haematological in English:


Pronunciation /ˌhiːmətəˈlɒdʒɪk(ə)l/


See haematology

‘Other changes are seen in urine and hematological parameters.’
  • ‘Morphological changes in platelets were monitored by automated haematological cell counter for platelet count and mean platelet volume.’
  • ‘The subjects were determined to be healthy on the basis of medical history, physical examination, urine analysis and routine biochemical and haematological tests.’
  • ‘Clear guidelines about haematological, biochemical, and endocrinological monitoring should be given before and during treatment with hormones.’
  • ‘I particularly enjoyed the information given on haematological aspects, although these are relatively rare in gynaecological practice.’
  • ‘They were monitored for changes in baseline characteristics, organ function, markers of disease severity, infection, hematological markers and other laboratory tests, adverse events, and changes in vital signs.’
  • ‘Similarly, the chapter on hematological diseases consists of 166 pages, beginning with laboratory tests, proceeding with a discussion of each specific disease, and ending with coagulation tests and disorders.’
  • ‘On his last follow-up, 11 months post-transplantation, he had maintained good hematological parameters with the engraftment, and we found no evidence of recurrent adenovirus enteritis.’
  • ‘Initially, hematological findings showed 98% malignant cells; thus, treatment was started immediately upon this finding.’
  • ‘Preoperative assessment of patients' hematological status to identify any coagulation abnormalities or pre-existent anemia can be accomplished readily.’