Meaning of haematology in English:


Pronunciation /ˌhiːməˈtɒlədʒi/


mass noun
  • The branch of medicine involving study and treatment of the blood.

    ‘Intravenous immunoglobulin prophylaxis and therapy is being given for a growing list of indications in the fields of immunology, neurology, hematology, and oncology.’
    • ‘Laboratory studies, including hematology and blood chemistry studies, were obtained at each follow-up visit.’
    • ‘The courses in which they are taught vary, and include general biology, blood banking, hematology, immunology, microbiology, clinical chemistry, pathophysiology, and molecular techniques.’
    • ‘Tests for blood chemistry, hematology, and immunology were unremarkable except for elevated immunoglobulin E antibodies to environmental allergens.’
    • ‘Students experience one block each of clinical chemistry, microbiology, hematology, and blood banking at different facilities.’
    • ‘The fourth part of this book discusses hematology and transfusion medicine.’
    • ‘Bloodless programs now offer services in virtually every specialty, including trauma, hematology, critical care, internal medicine, and orthopedic surgery.’
    • ‘The laboratory data evaluated in chemistry, hematology, microbiology, pathology, and cytology is an important part in diagnosing and treating a patient.’
    • ‘Of the eight main test categories, chemistry, hematology, and toxicology showed a significant difference in the number of tests ordered across the two facilities.’
    • ‘Referrals for abnormal coagulation profiles are common challenges for pediatric hematology / oncology sections.’
    • ‘Polly is recognized by her peers for her extensive knowledge and competency in the areas of hematology and oncology.’
    • ‘Increasingly senior educational roles were capped by 18 years as staff development instructor in oncology, haematology and bone marrow transplant.’
    • ‘To conduct microbicide studies, the laboratory infrastructure requires HIV testing facilities along with the capacity to perform routine biochemistry and haematology studies as part of product safety monitoring.’
    • ‘She subspecializes in hematology, in addition to practicing internal medicine.’
    • ‘Similar findings on the frequency of errors were noted for the other disciplines of laboratory medicine testing, such as transfusion medicine, microbiology, and hematology.’
    • ‘No clinically important differences in electrocardiogram, hematology, clinical chemistry, or urinalysis were observed between treatment groups or over time.’
    • ‘Some hematology instrumentation prints the red cell and platelet histograms as part of the report.’
    • ‘Thus far, molecular testing has found, at least, an ancillary role in most areas of the clinical laboratory including hematology, microbiology, chemistry, and immunology.’
    • ‘He states that these findings have relevance for many areas: materials science, polymer chemistry, biophysics, protein biochemistry, and hematology.’
    • ‘Look at several examples including, chemistry, hematology, coagulation and microbiology.’