Meaning of haemophilic in English:


Pronunciation /ˌhiːməˈfɪlɪk/


See haemophilia

‘Although the introduction of highly active antiretroviral therapy has altered the course of HIV infection, many haemophilic men died before this became available.’
  • ‘Results were measured by introducing each form of factor VIII into hemophilic blood plasma and recording the time it took to cause clotting.’
  • ‘The viral vector carrying factor VIII genes was injected into the blood of 11 newborn hemophilic mice and two newborn hemophilic dogs.’
  • ‘Compared to other sports, rowing presents little risk to hemophilic patients and is strongly recommended to counter joint deterioration, one of the effects of hemophilia.’
  • ‘She brought to Russia not only the haemophilic gene of her grandmother, but a sincere prudery, a deeply religious mind, and a repugnance for the rituals and empty pomp of court life.’
  • ‘His daughter lived to be 98 and had a haemophilic son.’
  • ‘In 1937 a substance was found in normal blood that would make hemophilic blood clot, which was named "anti-hemophilic globulin."’