Meaning of haemopoietic in English:



See haemopoiesis

‘These sites all contain a primitive, self-renewing population of blood-cell precursors, the haemopoietic stem cells, which are capable of producing all the different cells of the blood.’
  • ‘If a malignant haemopoietic condition relapses after an allogeneic transplant, lymphocyte infusions from the original donor can return the patient to remission by exploiting the graft versus tumour effect.’
  • ‘The patients in our study demonstrated a PCP-associated decrease in total blood lymphocyte counts, suggesting that long-term exposure to PCP inhibits compensatory hemopoietic activity.’
  • ‘Acquisition of genomic aberrations, a hallmark of malignancy, in regions of the genome that contain hemopoietic cell regulatory genes may also contribute to lymphomagenesis.’
  • ‘However, some lesions are amelanotic and others demonstrate features similar to other malignant neoplasms of ectodermal, mesodermal, or hemopoietic origin.’