Meaning of Haflinger in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhaflɪŋə/


  • A draught pony of a sturdy chestnut breed with a flaxen mane and tail.

    ‘The eggs matured in laboratory dishes before investigators replaced each egg's DNA using a nucleus from skin cells of a male Arabian thoroughbred or of a female Haflinger, an Austrian breed.’
    • ‘I've been thinking about riding again and the trouble is, you dream about a Haflinger stallion and end up with a beach donkey.’
    • ‘In descriptions, one tends to easily say that the Black Forest horse is ‘in between Haflingers and Belgians’, due to their size and color, although they are not directly related to either.’
    • ‘Also on exhibit will be many uncommon and classic breeds including Fjord, Icelandic, Haflinger, Welsh, Connemara, Mustang, Friesian, Peruvian Paso, American Sport Pony, American Sport Horse, Mountain Pleasure Horse and many more.’
    • ‘From the Austin area we had Kathy, Friesian and Quarter Horse owner; Britta, Belgian Haflinger owner; and Margaret, Quarter Horse owner.’


Late 19th century German, from Hafling, the name of a Tyrolean village where the breed originated.