Meaning of Haggadist in English:



(also Aggadist)

See Haggadah

‘The Haggadists therefore compare the court to mingled wine, a mixture of one-third of wine and two-thirds of water.’
  • ‘Nevertheless, one cannot prevent one's self from being decidedly with Hillel, with Jesus, with St Paul against Sehamaï, or with the Haggadists against the Halachists.’
  • ‘The Haggadists, however, put the idea in the form of this astounding tale in order to arouse the public to follow the lecture with greater interest.’
  • ‘I am not suggesting you are a mere Haggadist, a teller of legends and stories.’
  • ‘Transmitted and developed through dualistic Gnosticism in the East, the notion of an androgynous creation was adopted by the Haggadists in order to reconcile the apparently conflicting statements of the Bible.’