Meaning of haggardly in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhaɡədli/


See haggard

‘‘Waaaayne… ‘Grandmother Eva began in her deep, hoarse and haggardly voice.’
  • ‘‘Put me on the flight to Taipei,’ Jake said haggardly.’’
  • ‘Thus are we drawn into an endless life of humiliation, where we haggardly never turn off our televisions, for fear of disappearing.’
  • ‘She persisted haggardly, ‘at least when I'm angry with you, I let you know why.’’
  • ‘Nobody is too concerned that a Hollywood heart-throb is playing someone who in real life was barely 5ft tall and looked haggardly middle-aged when he was barely out of his teens.’
  • ‘The vines were thick and heftily wooded, larger than any plant life a desert dweller could ever imagine, and more voracious than the most haggardly pack of wolves.’
  • ‘Vivienne leans haggardly against the wall between us.’
  • ‘She walked past Emily and sat down on the couch, haggardly scrubbing her tear-encrusted face with her hands.’
  • ‘Her face was pasty white and she looked quite haggardly.’
  • ‘He looked over at Kate to see if she was out of the car yet just in time to see her take in a deep, shaky breath and let it out haggardly.’