Meaning of haggardness in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhaɡədnəs/


See haggard

‘Looking up, Kristen couldn't help but notice the haggardness of her face, testimony to the nights that sleep eluded her and she worried about having to go to school the next day.’
  • ‘But… there was a haggardness about her that Jack could never put her finger on.’
  • ‘Despite the haggardness of my remaining months in college, I guess I really won't give it up for anything.’
  • ‘But to me, that haggardness is what makes this recording so potent, so intimate and moving.’
  • ‘His haggardness vanishes as his new ‘star’ rises and is replaced by a relaxed air that all is well.’
  • ‘You slowly straightened your tired shoulders, and some of the haggardness slipped from your face as a smile of determination broke its blackness.’
  • ‘As he rises, the prisoners start in wonder, for the face they see in the lantern-light is that of their brother, yet strange in its haggardness and its smear of blood on the cheek.’
  • ‘The fashion of worn-out jeans became popularized during the 1990s, along with ruggedness, haggardness, and thinness.’
  • ‘The scary truth at the core of this spectacle is not the haggardness of any drag queen, but that these pretenders on screen as well as at the helm of our nation, continue to act, understanding full well that the theater of their manipulations takes on a life and free will of its own.’
  • ‘Clarissa is certainly middle-aged: She has the dark circles under her eyes, the combination of haggardness and puffiness, that we recognize as the unhappy signifiers of the overworked professional woman.’