Meaning of haggler in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhaɡlə/


See haggle

‘The worst part of the freedom-for-safety swap is that it's never a done deal; the safety providers are endless hagglers, always coming back for more.’
  • ‘I am not a good haggler, because I trust people too much.’
  • ‘One of Jason's great strengths was that he was incredibly practical and pragmatic, and a damn good haggler.’
  • ‘It was interesting to watch two experienced hagglers in full mode.’
  • ‘With ten new member states, and teams of highpowered hagglers, the process will be even more frenzied than normal.’
  • ‘Before too long the empty streets filled with the bustling and chatting of early morning hagglers.’
  • ‘If you're a good haggler you may even get as much as a fifth off!’
  • ‘Shopping in high-street outlets is rarely a smart move, unless you're a great haggler.’
  • ‘Banks will give you lower rates than publicly quoted if they want your business and you are a persistent haggler.’
  • ‘Also, if you're not an experienced haggler, read these tips on beating the dealer.’