Meaning of haham in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhɑːhəm/


(also chacham)
  • A spiritual leader among Sephardic Jews, or, more generally, a person learned in Jewish law.

    ‘And, I believe, with the proper talmid chacham to help one, how could one not be excited to drink their words with thirst?’
    • ‘In addition, the Jewish driver brought the talmid chacham directly to the location of the meeting.’
    • ‘The chacham asks about the details, and our scripted reply is to talk about these specific legalities.’
    • ‘He and others also note the special role of the chacham in the process of hatarat nedarim to justify this emphasis.’
    • ‘This wonderful essay gave me the true meaning of being a talmid chacham.’


From Hebrew ḥāḵām ‘wise’.