Meaning of hairless bat in English:

hairless bat


  • An almost hairless black free-tailed bat found in SE Asia.

    Genus Cheiromeles, family Molossidae: two species, in particular C. torquatus

    ‘One species - the hairless bat, genus Cheiromeles - is, as its name implies, effectively devoid of fur.’
    • ‘Its head was like that of a hairless bat, with the curling yellowed horns of a large ram dominating the skull.’
    • ‘One group of bats in this family is called the hairless bats because their hair is so short that the animal appears to be naked.’
    • ‘Seven bat species live in the caves and include Cantors leaf-nosed bat Hipposideros galeritus and hairless bat Cheiromeles torquatus.’
    • ‘Heated by geothermal activity to a constant temperature of 85 to 90 degrees, the mine is the perfect nursery for the hairless bat pups, which are typically born in pairs and need five to six weeks of nurturing before they can fly.’