Meaning of half-century in English:



  • 1A period of fifty years.

    • ‘This half-century was the formative period for national kingship.’
    • ‘Over the last half-century, the number of women in the workplace has tripled.’
    • ‘This kind of teen, the one that wedged itself into the space between childhood and adulthood and became a monster, is a creature of the last half-century.’
    • ‘The Scottish experience in the past half-century has been a patchwork of success, spurned opportunities and downright failure.’
    • ‘Inside, little can have changed in the past half-century.’
    • ‘Crucially, neither side actually used military force directly against the other at any time during the half-century of the Cold War.’
    • ‘But love triumphed in the end, and today they mark their half-century with a family meal at the village's Carlton Hotel.’
    • ‘The feeling is widespread that the Fifth Republic, as it approaches its half-century, presents a fallen landscape.’
    • ‘After a half-century of division, the countries of east and west Europe could end their long-standing isolation.’
    • ‘Largely abandoned, it became a blot on the landscape in the village of Wawne, near Beverley, for the next half-century.’
    • ‘Peggy and Alan Glendinning were at the lunch with family and friends reminiscing about their half-century together.’
    • ‘In 2004 American policy makers can look back to the lessons learned in Europe and Asia over the past half-century.’
    • ‘So when you add his half-century of forestry to that of all the past Wyndham foresters you have an example of living history if ever there was one.’
    • ‘It went on dropping rapidly for the next half-century, until the mortality rate had declined more than a thousandfold.’
    • ‘After a half-century of exceptional ease and security in the west, we may have to relearn the art of cheerful resignation.’
    • ‘Jane has seen some revolutionary changes in banking during her half-century of working for Barclays.’
    • ‘David Reynolds does not seek a radical new reading of the last half-century and there are no major revelations.’
    • ‘On average over the past half-century, house prices were between four and five times the cost of a family saloon.’
    • ‘The industry is mature, with a half-century of experience and ever improved engineering behind it.’
    • ‘This means that, at the rate me and my No-Kids-till-I'm -40 contemporaries are going, we'll be looking pretty rough come our half-centuries.’
    1. 1.1A score of fifty in a sporting event, especially a batsman's score of fifty in cricket.
      • ‘In reply, Grange lost three middle order men for ducks, but young opener C R Bilton struck a fluent half-century before retiring hurt.’
      • ‘His fellow opener, Mark Bentley, of Netherton, completed a half-century before being bowled by Hamed Khan for 58.’
      • ‘Follifoot then replied with 142-9 with Neil Walker hitting a half-century.’
      • ‘They took the score to 135 before Brierley was bowled by Taylor only two short of what would have been his first half-century of the season.’
      • ‘Crowther deserved a half-century, but it was not to be and Warton pressed the panic button too much as there were three run-outs in the innings.’