Meaning of half-finished in English:



  • Unfinished or only partly completed.

    ‘the movie feels incomplete and half-finished’
    • ‘Many of the works were created in the top-floor studio, which was piled with half-finished canvases.’
    • ‘A plate with a half-finished sandwich lay next to her boots.’
    • ‘At first glance, Ryan's drawings look like half-finished sketches, with faint pencil marks still visible in the finished picture.’
    • ‘A half-finished bottle of red wine rests in the middle of the dance floor beside an abandoned pair of silver heels.’
    • ‘The result is something that feels half-finished, never fully realized or complete.’
    • ‘No-one returned her calls, faxes or messages and the work was left half-finished.’
    • ‘On the patients' bedside tables sit the usual visiting hour stashes of mouldy grapes and packets of sweets alongside half-finished bottles of Lucozade.’
    • ‘There were cans of beer on the table and plates of rice and stewed meat left half-finished on the floor.’
    • ‘Isabelle flicked her head towards me and I raised my half-finished martini in a salute.’
    • ‘I applaud them for doing the right thing, but the job's only half-finished.’
    • ‘He's rather like the bright kid in the class who gets bored easily and leaves his homework half-finished.’
    • ‘Tools, brushes, books, as well as half-finished statues and paintings, had been thrown to the floor.’
    • ‘As I stared at my half-finished cup of tea, I felt a certain sense of betrayal.’
    • ‘I have all these ideas and half-finished scenarios in my head.’
    • ‘Everything is as they left it - a still-damp toothbrush, dirty clothes in the hamper, a book half-finished.’
    • ‘Her familiar neighbor is not home, but she sees a man and woman pulling out from a half-finished cabin and asks for their help.’
    • ‘My diary entries from that period are full of half-finished sentences.’
    • ‘Until the new homes are built, residents believe the 680-acre site will still appear half-finished.’
    • ‘While clearly a charming and witty person, most of his exchanges with the audience seemed a bit fumbling and half-finished.’
    • ‘Elderly residents have been left for weeks with half-finished kitchens and bathrooms, property has been damaged and some work badly bodged.’
    unfinished, uncompleted, not finished, not completed, half-finished, half-done, half-completed, partially finished, partially complete, partial, not concluded