Meaning of half-g in English:



informal New Zealand
  • A half-gallon container in which beer, sherry, or other alcohol is sold or stored.

    • ‘it was cheaper if we took our half-g's to off-licences to be refilled’
    • ‘It is a criminal offence for a person to take away a half-g of port or sherry from the off-licence.’
    • ‘There is nothing better than tucking up with one's half-g of sherry or port.’
    • ‘I wonder if it's what we used to call a half-G flagon into which draft beer was poured at the pub for thirsty young men.’
    • ‘Let's grab a couple of half g's and walk back.’
    • ‘Imagine an advertisement appearing on the screen showing a beautiful, luscious blonde holding a half-G of beer with a big advertisement on it.’
    • ‘They always arrived with 'half-g' flagons propped under their arms.’
    • ‘'I need a beer,' said the Old Man and he went out to the car and pulled in the half-G he had lurking in wait.’
    • ‘The typical New Zealand party centres around the half-G.’
    • ‘He was more than half drunk, after his half g.’
    • ‘In fact they are well-stuffed beer cases holding two half-gallon jars (half-G's to you, mate) neatly slotted into a joltproof frame.’