Meaning of half-open in English:


Translate half-open into Spanish


  • Partly open.

    ‘a neighbour peeped though the half-open door’
    • ‘He watched her open the box, her mouth still half-open with surprise.’
    • ‘Having locked his keys inside his car, Earl tries to reach them by extending his arm through a half-open window.’
    • ‘The eyes flicked, still half-open, to the direction of his voice.’
    • ‘I slept in a hammock in a half-open goat barn, which was nicer than it sounds.’
    • ‘A half-open closet nearby revealed the assorted flotsam and jetsam that had been cunningly arranged to produce ethereal effects.’
    • ‘Cut when flowers are half-open, and then re-cut stems underwater.’
    • ‘Its few leaves curve over its pencil-thin stem like a derelict, half-open umbrella.’
    • ‘The former president was lying in state behind glass in a half-open coffin in the Caracas military academy.’
    • ‘The dark hole behind the half-open curtain contributes something extra in underlining the artificiality of the setting.’
    • ‘When I first meet him, he's in muddy jeans and a half-open shirt.’