Meaning of half-starved in English:



  • Very poorly fed or nourished.

    ‘a half-starved prisoner’
    • ‘people with thin, half-starved bodies’
    • ‘Under the scorching sun, she looked half-starved, exhausted.’
    • ‘We still have a mid-1890s picture of half-starved Abraham, an army drummer boy, standing in a Czarist uniform.’
    • ‘Further investigation revealed that the bird was blind, not to mention half-starved.’
    • ‘I found survivors, twenty-three children, half-starved, huddled in closets and basements, hiding.’
    • ‘Six days later, scraped, bruised, and half-starved, they found help in a small village thirty miles away.’
    • ‘Who decided that women were to be visually flawless, half-starved twigs in order to be acceptable?’
    • ‘"I wonder if all we have done is create a nation of half-starved beggars," he says.’
    • ‘He died in 1948, impoverished, half-starved, and all but forgotten.’
    • ‘So, the already sick and half-starved men grew steadily weaker.’
    • ‘A distinguished foreign visitor, France's Prince Napoleon, inspected both armies and reported that the rebels numbered about 60 000 and were "ragged, dirty and half-starved."’