Meaning of half-and-half in English:


Pronunciation /ˌhɑːf(ə)nˈhɑːf/

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  • In two equal parts.

    ‘views were split almost exactly half-and-half’
    • ‘Dip the base of the cuttings in rooting hormone powder or liquid and insert to about a third of their length around the edge of a plant pot filled with a half-and-half mix of multi-purpose compost and vermiculite.’
    • ‘I feel very sorry for the poor, but I also feel very sorry for the rich - it's a half-and-half thing.’
    • ‘Despite the Uists being roughly half-and-half Presbyterian and Catholic, there are no separate schools.’
    • ‘The tapioca pearls are the most popular; you can also choose a half-and-half mix.’
    • ‘Blend the whey and a half-and-half mixture of the glucose and maltodextrin in about 32 ounces of water.’
    • ‘I stir one teaspoon of a half-and-half mixture of apple cider vinegar and honey into a 6-ounce glass of water with a teaspoon of orange powder stirred in and dissolved.’
    • ‘Trim off all but the top three leaves, dip the cut ends in rooting powder, and set the cuttings to root in seed-starting mix or a half-and-half mixture of peat moss and sand.’
    • ‘The top committee also decided the number of legislature seats returned by functional constituencies based on professions and by direct elections in 2008 should remain at a half-and-half ratio.’
    • ‘Its half-and-half approach - not quite a drama, not quite a fun Rat Pack-style film - just doesn't work well.’
    • ‘Try mixing one of the company's sweetened instant oatmeals half-and-half with its regular instant oatmeal.’
    • ‘Many walkers, finding the taste rather strong, will mix water and sports drinks half-and-half.’
    • ‘If you are tempted to try Benedictine after reading this but find it too sweet for your taste, mix it half-and-half with brandy.’
    • ‘Its only fault is that it is difficult to re-wet if it gets too dry; for more permanent plants in pots, such as the figs in the kitchen garden and the citrus plants in the Orangery, we are mixing it half-and-half with loam.’
    • ‘Dilute the body oil half-and-half with water, plug the shower drain and, while showering, sprinkle in more of the same aromatic oil as the water collects.’
    • ‘Some of his solo albums have been comprised entirely of covers, while others, like Frantic, have been half-and-half.’
    • ‘Although tart, this juice will contain a hefty dose of sugar, and is therefore best diluted about half-and-half with water prior to consumption.’
    • ‘The club are also passing on tickets to various clubs around the country, with the proceeds being split half-and-half.’
    • ‘The population is about 1200 and they are divided roughly half-and-half between white and black (there were only ever a few family slaves as there were never really any plantations on Saba).’
    • ‘Your difficulty is that the property rights here are not secure, and while you believe that the chocolates should be split roughly half-and-half, your wife clearly does not see it that way.’
    • ‘It's approximately half-and-half Steve Morse Band and more mellow stuff, acoustic-type stuff.’


  • Consisting of equal parts of one thing and another.

    • ‘a half-and-half mixture of soda water and white wine’


mass nounNorth American
  • A mixture of milk and cream.

    ‘When cooking, you can substitute evaporated skim milk or fat-free half-and-half for cream in recipes for soups and sauces.’
    • ‘Add milk, cream, or half-and-half all at once.’
    • ‘Me, having made a cappuccino with half-and-half instead of regular milk: ‘Look at all that foam!’’
    • ‘Room means don't fill the cup up to the top: this way there's room for cream, half-and-half, or whatever.’
    • ‘I'd wake every morning to stir lumps of butter into his Cream of Wheat or half-and-half into his oatmeal, spooning it into his mouth in frantic disbelief as his belly - the target of many years of nagging - slowly melted away.’
    • ‘For the pistachio creme anglaise, in a blender, combine the milk, half-and-half, and pistachios, and purée until smooth, about two minutes.’
    • ‘In a blender, combine honeycomb ice cream and half-and-half, and blend to desired consistency.’
    • ‘For a richer texture but milder oyster flavor, you can substitute half-and-half (light cream) for 1 to 2 cups of the milk.’
    • ‘Stir in the milk or half-and-half and remove from heat.’
    • ‘We were out of milk, so I stupidly dumped a pint of half-and-half in a glass and drank the whole thing in one disgusted gulp.’
    • ‘One of her newest creations, the Naughty Adult Mocha, combines espresso, bittersweet chocolate sauce, brandy, Bailey's, Kahlua and half-and-half.’
    • ‘In the bottom of 15-by - 10-by - 2-inch baking dish or large casserole dish, whisk together the eggs and half-and-half.’
    • ‘I mean, the whole point of half-and-half is to reduce your yummy heavy-cream intake (by half) without losing the yummy heavy cream entirely.’
    • ‘His coffee isn't the way he likes it since they've run out of half-and-half.’
    • ‘And I must have half-and-half in our cooler, or I can't go anywhere.’
    • ‘Add the stock, half-and-half, and cornhusk and bring to a boil.’
    • ‘And it comes with those little plastic containers of half-and-half that have the consistency of house paint.’
    • ‘I accepted a mug, but then remembered he didn't have any half-and-half.’
    • ‘When I substituted lower-fat dairy products, like half-and-half and evaporated milk, they caused the sauce to curdle.’
    • ‘I just love the tea tray you find in hotel rooms here, with little cute biscuits and great half-and-half they simply call HALF FAT milk.’