Meaning of hall pass in English:

hall pass


  • 1US A piece of paper or other token authorizing a student to be outside a particular classroom while class is in session.

    • ‘I got my hall pass and started walking to the guidance counselor's office’
    1. 1.1 informal Permission to break a rule or code of conduct.
      • ‘it's time we quit giving celebrities a hall pass for hurling slurs when they should know better’
      • ‘will Congress get a hall pass and continue to shirk their responsibilities?’
      • ‘One thing they have, though, they have kind of a hall pass from Wall Street.’
      • ‘Few players in the league are tougher than him, but that doesn't mean he should get a hall pass when going to the rim.’
      • ‘He talks about how we're losing our friends, and we can't act alone, how we must get a hall pass from the UN, and so on.’
      • ‘He seems to have had a hall pass from federal authorities, which embittered other foreign flight trainers not similarly well-connected.’
      • ‘Rather like Miss Pittypat Hamilton in Gone with the Wind, their unmarried status conveyed upon them a kind of perpetual hall pass to helplessness.’