Meaning of hallion in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhaljən/


informal, derogatory Scottish, Northern Irish
  • A worthless or contemptible person.

    • ‘I've never seen a worse-looking bunch of hallions’
    • ‘I'm sick sore and tired of the hallions slagging us off.’
    • ‘Social media does provide a ready forum for the hashtag hallion sniping away from the coward's comfort of anonymity.’
    • ‘His update on big the transfer dealings has been rudely interrupted by a hallion in sunglasses and a black hoody.’
    • ‘I've never seen a worse-looking bunch of hallions marching anywhere in my life.’
    • ‘Fans enjoying a sup were unaware they were in the company of the two hallions they'd witnessed on stage earlier.’


Late 18th century origin uncertain.