Meaning of halo effect in English:

halo effect


  • The tendency for an impression created in one area to influence opinion in another area.

    ‘the ads have had a halo effect on international services’
    • ‘Though $100 million in sales is nothing to sneeze at, Adams said the Hemingway program also has created a halo effect over the entire Thomasville brand.’
    • ‘The halo effect can influence hiring decisions.’
    • ‘And while that's a narrow niche, it may have created a halo effect that has enhanced its image with mainstream consumers.’
    • ‘Brown and Perry refer to the influence of past performance on future performance as a halo effect that negates the impact of reputation on future performance.’
    • ‘The spinoff micro-economies and the halo effect on ordinary businesses from the Alberta oil industry can't be discounted from Cosh's comparison without oversimplifying the situation.’