Meaning of hamachi in English:


Pronunciation /haˈmatʃi/


mass noun
  • The young of the Japanese amberjack or yellowtail, which is fished and bred in Japan as a food fish.

    ‘Standard favorites like hamachi and pearly ahi shrimp were good also, but the real surprise at Jewel Bako was the desserts.’
    • ‘The food, by Dan Barber of Blue Hill, included tomatoes filled with eggplant and anchovies, hamachi, lobster, and plum coupe.’
    • ‘While wild hamachi with scallion, radish, and ginger dashes madly across your senses, Spanish mackerel laden with a blend of soy and truffle oil capsizes taste buds.’
    • ‘There was a large queue at the Sakae Sushi Station because the restaurant was giving away no less than 3 different pieces of nigiri sushi; salmon, tuna and hamachi.’
    • ‘Then there was hamachi lightly braised in ginger tea, and yellowtail tataki crusted in pepper and laid in ribbons over slices of peach and soft avocado.’