Significado de hand over en en Inglés

hand over

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verbo frasal

  • 1Pass responsibility to someone else.

    ‘he will soon hand over to a new director’
    • ‘However, after seven years, the time has come for me to hand over to a new Chair who can build on those achievements.’
    • ‘"It really is time for me to hand over to the next generation.’
    pass, hand on, send on, transfer, remit, direct, leave, commit, entrust, assign, hand over
    1. 1.1hand someone or something over, hand over someone or somethingGive someone or something, or the responsibility for someone or something, to someone else.
      ‘her parents handed her over to be brought up by her grandparents’
      • ‘hand the matter over to the police’
      yield, give, give up, pass, grant, entrust, surrender, relinquish, cede, turn over, deliver up, forfeit, sacrifice