Meaning of handle someone or something with kid gloves in English:

handle someone or something with kid gloves


(also treat someone or something with kid gloves)
  • Deal with someone or something very carefully or tactfully.

    ‘the secretary treated her with kid gloves’
    • ‘A policeman stuck his head into the window and gave us a giant grin, setting the tone for what was to become a surreal detention where we were handled with kid gloves - although threat was never far from the surface.’
    • ‘All this to say, that if you know how to roll a good cigar, the government treats you with kid gloves and rubber bullets.’
    • ‘Despite periodic nastiness from both sides, it is also surprisingly sedate, given the immensity of the issues at stake, thanks partly to a domestic media which treats both candidates with kid gloves.’
    • ‘It's a warm and funny film which strikes exactly the right balance, neither patronising its subjects, nor treating them with kid gloves.’
    • ‘So when she gave birth to her second son several years later in Sheffield she treated him with kid gloves, determined nothing would ever happen to him.’
    • ‘Years of conditioning made me unthinkingly treat them with kid gloves.’
    • ‘They know what they want, but you treat them with kid gloves.’
    • ‘Obviously they are extremely nervous when they come to see me and I treat them with kid gloves.’
    • ‘Now, The Drunk Guy has a reputation in the industry, so you have to treat him with kid gloves.’
    • ‘Their own witnesses were treated with kid gloves.’