Meaning of handlebar in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhandlbɑː/

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usually handlebars
  • The steering bar of a bicycle, motorbike, scooter, or other vehicle, with a handgrip at each end.

    ‘flat handlebars give a more upright seating position’
    • ‘handlebar tape’
    • ‘Such baskets dangle from the handlebars of the bicycles, mopeds and motorbikes which are the transport of the masses.’
    • ‘One year an enterprising bunch of local lads, spotting a gap in the market, offered trips back down to the station on the handlebars of their bicycles.’
    • ‘He was also shown a bicycle fork and handlebars that the prosecution alleged Hughes used to weigh down the bag to prevent its discovery.’
    • ‘I remember driving around the Warner studio with him on the bicycle handlebars, just cruising around the lot.’
    • ‘Measure seat height, distance from the seat to the handlebars and handlebar height.’
    • ‘He injured his knee after banging it against his own handlebars during the team time trial in the first week of his first Tour.’
    • ‘He either perched his agile paws on Max's motorbike handlebars or snuggled into his travel bag as the pair purred along the road.’
    • ‘Spade spun sideways narrowly avoiding getting scraped by the scooter's handlebars.’
    • ‘It has a vertical steering column and handlebars on which are attached a hand operated throttle lever and a brake grip.’
    • ‘Bicycle enthusiasts might want a set with handlebars, though it's unclear what purpose the handlebars serve.’
    • ‘Sure, other steel handlebars have been made before for track sprinters who insist on steel for stiffness.’
    • ‘Is this common when carbon handlebars are mated with stems with four-bolt faceplates?’
    • ‘So I made sure I kept my hands on the handlebars and waited to lift them in celebration until I was well and truly over the finishing line.’
    • ‘Towards the finish, his handlebars came loose, he was unable to hold an aerodynamic position, and his challenge faded.’
    • ‘My brother experienced going over the handlebars due to his front wheel locking up at slow speed.’
    • ‘If your handlebars slip in the stem clamp, that can be dangerous when you slam on your brakes.’
    • ‘The distracted cyclist flew over the handlebars and landed on the pavement.’
    • ‘Radio signals send that data to a computer mounted on the handlebars for the cyclists to read.’
    • ‘Changing partners in the House of Commons is about as helpful as wrapping your handlebars in blue tape rather than red.’
    • ‘While the handlebars have been fashioned from those of a bicycle, the seat and wheels were borrowed from a scooter.’