Meaning of handrail in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhandreɪl/

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  • A rail fixed to posts or a wall for people to hold on to for support.

    ‘the safest bathroom design includes handrails and grab bars in the bathtub and shower’
    • ‘Glass balustrades support stainless steel handrails and slatted panels extend into the gap between deck and cladding.’
    • ‘Before I could reply, the shuttle jerked into motion, and I grabbed onto the handrail for support.’
    • ‘In a hotel situation, a guest, or someone else, brings in the virus which is then passed from person to person and from persons to items such as handrails, wall curtains and toilets.’
    • ‘In effect, they are speed bumps for your walls, handrails, curbs, etc.’
    • ‘Occasionally there are fixed ropes and handrails which mark the way.’
    • ‘They were pinned to the handrails posts and entrance features to the viaduct.’
    • ‘I once fell and pulled the handrail off the wall.’
    • ‘And I can't stand those people who lean on the pole so that you can't hold onto it - its not a leaning post, its a handrail.’
    • ‘The stairs are finished with a teak handrail, newel posts, and spindles.’
    • ‘Baroness Thatcher, dressed all in black, looked frail as she clasped the handrail for support before being driven away.’
    • ‘Teak handrails are supported on sheets of toughened glass as balusters.’
    • ‘Two sides had handrails and posts for tying off reins.’
    • ‘Consider installing support handrails to make your tub safer, especially if the framing is exposed.’
    • ‘It nearly gave out beneath him, but he gritted his teeth and slowly inched his way down the stairs, using the handrails for support.’
    • ‘All cabin windows are trimmed in teak as well as teak cap rails, handrails and teak overlaid decks.’
    • ‘Workers say that handrails and temporary supports were removed from the site two hours too early.’
    • ‘The bird hopped from one perch to the next, calmly inspecting the passing walls and handrails.’
    • ‘A similar fitting is used on the intermediate newel posts, then the handrail is attached between these fittings.’
    • ‘They include access paths, handrails, allocated spaces, ramps and boarding devices.’
    • ‘That includes everything from walls, ledges, gaps, handrails, stairs and embankments, to rooftops.’