Meaning of hands-free headset in English:

hands-free headset


  • A set of headphones with a microphone attached, used especially in telephony and radio communication.

    ‘I had a hands-free headset plugged into the laptop’
    • ‘Her most important tool isn't her phone; it's her hands-free headset.’
    • ‘A hands-free headset helps by keeping the phone away from your head.’
    • ‘To limit his exposure, he cuts calls short and distances himself from the phone with a hands-free headset.’
    • ‘I sat in the car for about three and a half hours, using my new handsfree headset to talk to various friends and family members.’
    • ‘If a call comes in while a song's playing, you'll be able to answer it with a push on the button halfway up the hands-free headset.’
    • ‘As wireless, hands-free headsets continue to flood the cell phone market in smaller models, it's becoming tougher to determine if people are speaking into thin air.’
    • ‘Even hands-free headsets are dangerous because the phone conversation distracts the driver's attention away from the road and traffic.’
    • ‘It is the ideal hands-free headset for active lifestyles, offering curved ear-loops to hold the ear buds securely in place.’
    • ‘Maybe now's the time to invest in a hands-free headset because you might find yourself on hold for some serious lengths of time.’
    • ‘Using a hands-free headset or placing it on speakerphone would be simple way to avoid handling and touching the smartphone surface.’