Meaning of handwash in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhandwɒʃ/


mass nounBritish
  • Liquid soap for washing one's hands.

    ‘we were all given bottles of antibacterial handwash’
    • ‘I'd recently been introduced to the miracle of antibacterial handwash, an incredible, but rather thin, soap product.’
    • ‘Use — and encourage others to use — an antiseptic handwash after meals.’
    • ‘A review of the studies confirms that the formulation meets and exceeds the FDA definition of an antiseptic handwash.’
    • ‘Instead of spraying with something toxic, try using a squirt of liquid handwash in some water and spray them with this.’
    • ‘The wards have carried large notices at the entrance informing persons that upon entering and leaving the wards to use the handwash supplied to disinfect their hands.’
    • ‘Regulations governing its use as an antibacterial in handwash are more lax.’
    • ‘It pioneered the Clean Your Hands scheme, introducing anti-bacterial alcohol handwash beside every bed and at the entrance to each ward.’
    • ‘It's easy to tell yourself to ignore him and not pay for his squirt of handwash and the passing of a few paper towels.’
    • ‘Being fed up of the soap scum generated by bar soap, I bought their liquid handwash.’
    • ‘I am not a medical expert but doctors have told me that good alcohol-based handwashes are essential in wards and isolation units.’


(also hand-wash)
[with object]
  • Wash (something) by hand rather than in a washing machine.

    ‘delicate articles should always be hand-washed to avoid any damage’
    • ‘We tear down the filter and hand-wash the parts.’
    • ‘I like to hand-wash the laundry and let it dry in the sun.’
    • ‘You should handwash 100% wool and limit the amount of agitation.’
    • ‘Each load of a filled dishwasher uses 35–45 litres, which is the same amount you use every time you handwash a load of dishes.’
    • ‘Customers will hand us the keys to their car before entering the centre and we'll hand-wash it.’
    • ‘The filter is easily removable, and can be hand-washed, or air gunned to remove any debris.’
    • ‘If wool yarn is used in any of the sweaters, the finished garment should be dry-cleaned or gently hand-washed.’
    • ‘Instruments may be handwashed, but they should not be washed in the scrub sink.’
    • ‘I handwashed my shirt and jeans and managed to get stains out.’
    • ‘The covers will last longer if they are hand-washed and then air-dried.’