Meaning of hang a left in English:

hang a left


informal North American
  • Make a left turn.

    • ‘down some more stairs, through another door, then hang a left’
    • ‘Then, because she was a tourist, we hung a left and headed down the narrow alley to the tourist zone, so she could find a postcard to send to my sister.’
    • ‘I hung a left somewhere and ended up on Cemetery Road.’
    • ‘As my foot dithered between brake and accelerator, a lorry hung a left across my path and a person in a wheelchair zipped down the other side.’
    • ‘We hung a left along the High St, and it was just around the corner.’
    • ‘When I went there last, it was a matter of driving through a lot of sugar beet fields on a minor B-road and then hanging a right to this completely random pub.’
    • ‘Head out towards Malton along the A64 from York and, when you come to the crossroads, hang a left.’
    • ‘They exited the infirmary and hung a right towards the main deck.’
    • ‘Thinking it would be best to stop off at a gas station and collect a handful of food to eat and gas at the same time, I hung a right at the exit.’
    • ‘Speeding past a turning car, I hung a right into the alley, which was a shortcut to my penthouse.’
    • ‘Go uptown about 20 blocks, hang a right, and walk five avenues over.’
    leave, branch off