Meaning of hang in in English:

hang in

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phrasal verb

  • Remain persistent and determined in difficult circumstances.

    • ‘I'm struggling even more, but I'm hanging in’
    • ‘At least she's hung in there fighting for the principles Labor used to call foundational.’
    • ‘Swinford hung in doggedly and when they struck for a second goal, the gap was back to six points again.’
    • ‘It was close to being unplayable but I hung in well until my disappointing finish.’
    • ‘All credit to Australia, they hung in there and just would not lie down and were worthy defending champions.’
    • ‘But he was pleased with the way York hung in and restored some pride at the end of the first half only to let it slip away.’
    • ‘But credit to Lancashire, they hung in well and could even have nicked the two points.’
    • ‘I only need to look at the faces of my children to know why I hung in there so long.’
    • ‘The first six laps were almost a copy of Saturday's race, but this time he hung in there.’
    • ‘For long stretches of the first half they had hung in and lived off the flimsiest of scraps.’
    • ‘When the tour started, he wasn't even in the party, but he hung in there and got a bit of luck.’