Meaning of hang someone out to dry in English:

hang someone out to dry


  • Leave someone in a difficult or vulnerable situation.

    • ‘the White House wasn't about to hang Thomas out to dry’
    • ‘Can he file civil lawsuits against these three women who have been so accusatory and hung him out to dry?’
    • ‘People were afraid that the political leadership would hang them out to dry if they made a mistake.’
    • ‘If we make a mistake, they could be hung out to dry.’
    • ‘I think it is grossly unfair the way he has been hung out to dry on this issue.’
    • ‘The Ministry of Defence had hung him out to dry.’
    • ‘‘They have abandoned me and hung me out to dry,’ she said.’
    • ‘The Boston Globe and many national papers have already hung him out to dry.’
    • ‘The White House hung her out to dry by undercutting or overriding her policies or public pronouncements.’
    • ‘If we want to attract what we believe to be good people to do a job for us then they must feel comfortable in the knowledge that we will not hang them out to dry for something they may have done 14 or more years ago.’
    • ‘I was not in a talkative mood after I had been hung out to dry.’