Meaning of hapkido in English:


Pronunciation /hapˈkiːdəʊ/


mass noun
  • A Korean martial art characterized by kicking and circular movements.

    ‘The soft arts, judo, jujutsu, aikijujutsu, aikido, hapkido and t'ai chi chuan, use a theory of redirection of an attacker's force to deal with an assault instead of the harder arts, which meet force with greater force.’
    • ‘Setting the Uzi in the middle of the stage, she and the Islamist started each thirty feet from the gun, began running towards the gun, and proceeded to fight using a mixture of tae kwon do and hapkido to defeat the Islamist.’
    • ‘Her training includes karate, hapkido, aikijutsu, escrima and weapons.’
    • ‘Ji, Han Jae is said to be the father of modern hapkido.’
    • ‘In his spare time, he practices and teaches martial arts and holds black belts in the Korean disciplines of tae kwon do and hapkido.’


Korean, literally ‘way of coordinated energy’.