Meaning of happy medium in English:

happy medium


  • A satisfactory compromise.

    ‘we must strive to strike a happy medium between bland meal budgeting and over-the-top culinary creations’
    • ‘the song soon discovers a happy medium between thrash and catchy pop’
    • ‘So I will be encouraging them to find a happy medium, balancing getting fit with their families, friends and careers.’
    • ‘I need to find a happy medium between boredom and complete attentiveness - or at least become more aware of my body telling me it's time to eat.’
    • ‘Granted, these are two extremes - there is a happy medium in the middle.’
    • ‘Our job is to find a happy medium while continuing to operate safely and efficiently.’
    • ‘For most Web content providers, this means working extra hard to find a happy medium that satisfies the needs of both narrowband and broadband users.’
    • ‘Joseph's book is not about trying to work out a happy medium on the nature-nurture continuum by analyzing secondary sources.’
    • ‘A happy medium that balances the rights of the information producers with the needs of the information consumers is required.’
    • ‘Somehow they had found a happy medium, balancing work and play and married life.’
    • ‘He represented a happy medium - a medium she would do well to follow.’
    • ‘The pace of both places balances each other out and between them I find a happy medium.’
    • ‘Dean Sedra seeks to quell fears of nightly lockdowns: ‘We don't want to turn the school into a fortress, but would like a happy medium.’’
    • ‘These decisions should be thought through and there should be a happy medium between what the public want and what business people need to do to survive.’
    • ‘He believes they've found a happy medium on their new album by mixing faster, melody-heavy songs with several ‘mid-tempo’ ones.’
    • ‘We have an obligation to share our faith and by holding an open forum we felt we could create a happy medium to meet those who are interested in finding out more.’
    • ‘I really don't want to be labeled a protectionist, but I think there is a happy medium between raw free marketeering and highwall protectionism.’
    • ‘Gianluigi Buffon (who is out of the Italy side with a dislocated shoulder) is quite slim, so there's arguments for both sides and there's a happy medium to be struck.’
    • ‘There's probably a happy medium in there somewhere.’
    • ‘A happy medium would be 6 months in the UK and 6 months back in the Caribbean wouldn't it?’
    • ‘And this blog provides me with the happy medium.’
    • ‘Speaking to USA Today he said: ‘You have got to find a happy medium.’’
    middle way, middle course, middle ground, middle, mean, median, mid point, central point, centre, average, norm, standard