Meaning of happy pill in English:

happy pill


  • A tablet of an antidepressant or other drug, regarded as inducing a feeling of happiness or cheerfulness.

    • ‘all I really wanted was a prescription for happy pills, which was not forthcoming’
    • ‘He looked like he is permanently on a happy pill.’
    • ‘I was seriously considering going to the GP who would be bound to prescribe a month off work and some happy pills.’
    • ‘Our schools need to teach children the basics, not view them as depressed, incapable of navigating through adolescence without legal happy pills.’
    • ‘Last year, before I started my counselling, she told me that if I needed them she would prescribe me some "happy pills".’
    • ‘I get waves of depression (yes - I have been on the happy pills).’
    • ‘I have been taking the happy pills for over two weeks so I imagine that a feeling of … well-being … is due to them.’
    • ‘How many people who turned to 'happy pills' would not have done so if they had been fully aware of the potential harms?’
    • ‘I spent 5 years on that particular "happy pill" and am all too aware that certain claims that the makers made are false.’
    • ‘He's been in a lot of pain lately; the happy pills don't seem to work every time.’
    • ‘I recommend an extensive course of psychoanalysis and lots of happy pills.’