Meaning of haptic in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhaptɪk/


  • Relating to the sense of touch, in particular relating to the perception and manipulation of objects using the senses of touch and proprioception.

    ‘haptic feedback devices create the illusion of substance and force within the virtual world’
    • ‘A haptic pointing device includes a plurality of rigid, elongated proximal members, each connected to a separate rigid, elongated distal member through an articulating joint.’
    • ‘In February 2002, US-based Immersion filed a lawsuit against Microsoft and Sony for patent-infringement, for use of its haptic, or touch, technology.’
    • ‘Some virtual worlds provide auditory and haptic information.’
    • ‘Before you decide we've lost our head over MyDevice, we'll come on to the weakest link among MyOrigo's four UI components: haptic feedback.’
    • ‘The haptic shift device includes a shift lever manipulatable by a user.’
    • ‘Some animals, but not all, have a sense of what's called haptic touch, humans have it, chimpanzees have it.’
    • ‘Qubits, foglets, gigaflops, haptic interfaces, probabilistic fractals: Kurzweil is not writing science for sissies.’
    • ‘It is already possible today for researchers to exchange haptic stimuli over the Internet to simulate handshakes.’
    • ‘You're saying it has some kind of haptic sensitivity or touch that you can actually develop skills in your fingers.’
    • ‘Adds White: ‘People can then play with the 3D object and even feel it through a special haptic mouse.’’
    • ‘For Ford, we are running human perception studies to learn how to create harmony in haptic interfaces in a car.’
    • ‘Gone are features such as the haptic sensor and slide down keyboard.’
    • ‘Immersion's haptic technology first appeared in a PC joystick in 1996, and with Microsoft the company developed the DirectX force feedback API.’
    • ‘The use of haptic devices allows users to ‘touch’ the virtual objects and even move them through gesture interface and 3D sound cues.’
    • ‘There is haptic feedback; when virtual keys are pressed, the screen vibrates in response.’
    • ‘A demo participant from Microsoft showed a haptic device for playing Jenga online.’
    • ‘A collaborative virtual workspace is tricked out with haptic feedback’
    • ‘The existence of behavioral chains indicates that olfactory or haptic cues are important to primates, but such hypotheses must eventually be tested by careful direct observation in the field or laboratory.’
    • ‘All these instruments give and require haptic feedback - music is a physical universe and the only way through it is for the improviser to engage in an endless assortment of empirical tests.’
    • ‘Touch already has made it into the market, with haptic controls to scroll through system menus.’


technical haptics
  • 1treated as singular The use of technology that stimulates the senses of touch and motion, especially to reproduce in remote operation or computer simulation the sensations that would be felt by a user interacting directly with physical objects.

    ‘their research is centred on human-computer interaction specifically focusing on wearable computing, haptics, and video games’
    • ‘Using a technology called haptics, mechanical engineers can design physical therapies that reestablish motor pathways broken down by strokes.’
    • ‘Advanced haptics are included here, in the earplug area, in order to enhance the sound effects.’
    • ‘We are engaging more with developers to leverage how haptics can enhance the user experience as technology evolves.’
    • ‘The trackpad feels exactly like a regular trackpad, but its click is an illusion: it 's really using haptics.’
    • ‘My hope is to inspire design researchers, students, and practitioners all over the world to discover and value haptics as a core component of any new design activities.’
    • ‘The keyboard is responsive, although in our opinion it performs much better once you turn off all the haptics.’
    • ‘Some new initiatives in haptics aren't that high-tech at all, but rather take advantage of existing mechanical systems.’
    • ‘Depth-sensing projectors, wearable digital assistants, and super-sensitive haptics were all on display.’
    • ‘Some kind of alert will be in place to let you know the stylus has been ejected, such as one using haptics.’
    • ‘We'll offer multi-touch, both-hands haptics which invokes the remarkable human sense of touch, sensitivity and meaning.’
    • ‘They also feature customizable haptics options so players can get the feedback that works best for them.’
    • ‘Since gaming is really just another mode of learning, expect haptics to spread to educational software.’
  • 2treated as singular The perception of objects by touch and proprioception, especially as involved in non-verbal communication.

    ‘haptics is that subsystem of non-language communication which conveys meaning through physical contact’
    • ‘Haptics are tactile sensations that convey information.’
    • ‘The effects of ageing on proprioception and haptics have received far less attention.’
    • ‘Many areas of animal and medical science are being reshaped by considering biomechanical and mechanobiological aspects, like embryo development, cardiac and arterial remodelling, and touch and haptics.’
    • ‘The book recovered the ancient Greek notion of haptics—the power of nonverbal communication via touch.’
    • ‘This relates to the role of haptics when a visual cue is present.’
    • ‘Studying haptics allows for the investigation of these integration mechanisms and how they are affected by ageing and neurological disease.’
    • ‘Most users are not familiar with haptic-based languages such as the Braille alphabet, making it difficult to use haptics to communicate rich amount of information effectively.’
    • ‘In order to ensure that participants could identify the mapping and the position of the target using haptics alone, no speech icon was presented alongside the haptic cue.’


Late 19th century from Greek haptikos ‘able to touch or grasp’, from haptein ‘fasten’.