Meaning of harbour dues in English:

harbour dues

plural noun

(US harbor dues)
  • Fees payable in return for permission to moor a boat at a particular harbour.

    ‘harbour dues must be paid for any boat using the harbour’
    • ‘In return for paying the church tax, the fishermen were exempted from paying harbour dues to the local port authorities.’
    • ‘They should ensure all harbour dues are paid up to date in order to qualify to make nominations for election to the Harbour Board.’
    • ‘The minimum period for which you can pay harbour dues is one month.’
    • ‘If you move down to another harbour, you have harbour dues to pay for.’
    • ‘He lived quietly in the vessel for several years until the authorities decided that in addition to harbour dues he should pay rates.’
    • ‘We have individually and collectively been asking the minister to drop these charges and to address issues of harbour dues and maintenance realistically.’
    • ‘The merchant was held responsible for the payment of all tariffs and harbour dues.’
    • ‘The fishermen pay their licences and harbour dues and employ people on shore as a result of what they do.’
    • ‘Harbour dues from visiting liners are credited to the miscellaneous piers and harbours account.’
    • ‘If the matter is not resolved, the ports stand to lose out on millions in harbour dues.’