Meaning of hard-code in English:


Pronunciation /ˌhɑːdˈkəʊd/


[with object]Computing
  • Fix (data or parameters) in a program in such a way that they cannot be altered without modifying the program.

    ‘software that hard-coded the size of the structures’
    • ‘Shaders have been integrated into graphics hardware for some time now, but originally were hard-coded into graphics cards meaning that games developers could not alter the way they worked.’
    • ‘True, we have exploited the fact that we can generate a calendar dynamically, but this event was hard-coded into the program, making it impossible for a nonprogrammer to add, modify or delete the event.’
    • ‘In an article produced online, it is good manners to turn the reference into an active link, either with or without the link details being hard-coded alongside.’
    • ‘Some, however, have hard-coded keystrokes for game control and do not allow changing them.’
    • ‘We've had an unconfirmed report of one instance where Danise used his back door to delete the software from the server of one customer who had hard-coded a few custom features into his copy of it.’