Meaning of hard-shell in English:



  • 1Having a hard shell or outer casing.

    ‘a hard-shell suitcase’
    • ‘On a touring bike it was acceptable as long as the touring bike stuck to the script: Load up some panniers and don some bright yellow rain gear and a hard-shell helmet.’
    • ‘Henderson said he was convinced that Fhima - who was found not guilty by three Scottish judges at a special court in the Netherlands last year - carried a brown hard-shell suitcase from his Malta apartment to the island's airport.’
    • ‘Giaka, who Henderson contends was badly treated by the court, said Fhimah was carrying a brown, hard-shell suitcase.’
    • ‘The tacos de res from the regular menu are not hard-shell scoops, but instead served in the traditional soft shell corn tortillas, containing chunks of beef rather than of ground meat.’
    • ‘At 16.5 feet by 25 inches, the K1 mimics the handling characteristics of hard-shell touring boats.’
    • ‘Chalayan's women's bodies in their hard-shell protection, armoured for flight, also seem isolated in their concentration.’
    • ‘Next, he would eat two or three dozen Lynnhavens, the largest of oysters, and a dozen hard-shell crabs, claws and all.’
    • ‘When it has to, the West Vancouver unit's hard-shell inflatable can go 35 knots on the water.’
    • ‘These kneepads have a fully stitched hard shell cap which keeps out rocks.’
    • ‘First, as mentioned by others, this is not a true hard shell case.’
    • ‘The hard shell protects the mask from damage.’
    • ‘Alcoa CSI, for example, launched a new 38-mm Seal MAX cap in late 2003, a hard-shell screw-on/screw-off cap with an interior liner and a specially designed tamperevident band.’
    • ‘Thy hard-shell could stop the sharpest of spears.’
    • ‘Usually, touring bikes have hard-shell trunks on either side of the fender, windshields, full fairings, in-dash audio equipment (sometimes include GPS) and a dashboard.’
    • ‘Unlike the soft SportSuit Convertible, it's a hard-shell protective case made of durable Lexan that also includes a removable clear front cover with an integrated screen protector, a low profile belt clip, and a dash mount for the car.’
    • ‘That's what Sweden-based Boblbee Inc. had in mind when it designed Peoples Delite, a hard-shell backpack that allows you to pack it all in, and Megalopolis, its big-sister version.’
    • ‘Indeed, many ‘soft’ cases can be locked with a simple padlock but don't offer the kind of protection a hard-shell case or box can deliver.’
    • ‘The earliest stages are very small and white, the latter stages have a characteristic hard-shell appearance and are yellow-brown in color.’
    • ‘MTM and others make inexpensive hard-shell plastic cases that give a shooter an economical way to store, carry and keep safe handguns and rifles.’
    • ‘He clumsily swung his hard-shell bass guitar case around as he dodged back to the front door, grabbed the paper bag, and ran full-speed back to the van.’
    • ‘And Rudy Project scores major bonus points for including a hard-shell case to protect your investment.’
    • ‘Old fashioned hard-shell brief cases are a bit less casual then you seem to want, but you should still consider style.’
    • ‘If you're flying with golf clubs, you no longer have to pack your golf bag in a hard-shell travel case that weighs a ton.’
    • ‘The smooth, hard-shell exterior makes a great billboard for sponsors' stickers.’
    • ‘To my knowledge, there is not a single player on any of the major U.S. tours who uses a hard-shell case.’
  • 2North American Rigid or uncompromising.

    • ‘USA Today found it ‘a gripping film’, while Variety opined that ‘once again, Damon scores in the title role by never courting audience sympathy and playing his all-American good looks against the hard-shell brutality of the character’.’
    • ‘If Maryland wants to prove prognosticators wrong and make a run at another title, the Terrapins must forget their success and reaffirm their hard-shell attitude.’
    • ‘And let's not forget that the hard-shell, soft-nugget strategy of corporate IT security has been successfully violated.’
    • ‘The focus here is not the city hard-shell shock of such as of Larry Clark's Kids, who inhabit the same realm.’
    • ‘Fuelled by a bucketful of Bacardi Breezers and in anticipation of a dance with a hard-shell soft-hearted Vinny lookalike, the girls and their handbags head for the floor.’
    • ‘I think that the hard-shell attitude some young women develop is a defense against the fear of rejection and abandonment.’
    • ‘She had a Bernie Mac hard shell attitude with his loving caring family oriented heart.’
    • ‘Let him know how comfortable you are without this hard-shell persona and over time he may start feeling less vulnerable about showing his emotions.’
    • ‘But Sawyer got his feelings hurt because of her concern for Jack and reverted to his tough guy, hard shell persona.’