Meaning of hard on in English:

hard on

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(also hard upon)
  • Close to; following soon after.

    ‘hard on the heels of Wimbledon comes the Henley Regatta’
    • ‘the Cold War followed hard on the bitter winter of 1944’
    • ‘These excellent results are following hard on the heels of an impressive Oftsed report.’
    • ‘The move follows hard on the heels of an acquisition which has seen business gains in the west of Scotland.’
    • ‘The General Strike in England was in 1926, when Auden was nineteen, and it was followed hard upon by the Depression.’
    • ‘This announcement follows hard upon the October announcement of a restructuring plan.’
    • ‘On the field tragedy follows hard upon triumph, ease and discomfort sit side by side…’
    • ‘The trainer was philosophical about his victory coming hard on the heels of his loss.’
    • ‘At any other time there would be a protracted period of recollection, but the election is hard upon us.’
    • ‘Stacks of musty books were no substitute for the fresh, clean air of the season, but exams were hard upon us, and there was no time to stop and smell the flowers, not unless we scheduled it in between study sessions.’
    soon after, hard on the heels of, quickly after, promptly after, shortly after, immediately after, directly after, straight after, right after, a short time after, without delay after
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