Meaning of hard palate in English:

hard palate

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  • The bony front part of the palate.

    ‘Deglutition, the initial phase of the swallowing process, involves several striated muscles and cranial nerves, the hard palate and the larynx.’
    • ‘The front part consists of a bony portion called the hard palate, with a fleshy rear part called the soft palate.’
    • ‘The burning sensation often occurs in more than one oral site, with the anterior two thirds of the tongue, the anterior hard palate and the mucosa of the lower lip most frequently involved.’
    • ‘The other tumor involved the hard palate and buccal mucosa extensively.’
    • ‘Men have larger soft palates and longer airways (from the hard palate to the base of the epiglottis) than women, but men also have larger airway volume, which may be compensatory.’
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