Meaning of hard power in English:

hard power


mass noun
  • A coercive approach to international political relations, especially one that involves the use of military power.

    Compare with soft power

    ‘For most of history, government stuck to hard power.’
    • ‘Europeans have felt oppressed by America's excessive demonstration of hard power.’
    • ‘In many ways, soft power is more important than hard power.’
    • ‘What was once enforced by the soft power of culture becomes enforced by the hard power of the state.’
    • ‘Ultimately, soft power is more effective than hard power.’
    • ‘Soft power is not simply the reflection of hard power.’
    • ‘Such an epidemic could undermine the elements of hard power discussed above.’
    • ‘Soft economic power goes hand in hand with hard power.’
    • ‘The US has tested to the limit the hard power of military supremacy.’
    • ‘The instruments of hard power have their limits in shaping the world.’
    • ‘Hard power is having the capabilities to get others to do what you want them to do.’
    • ‘We all know that America is pre-eminent in the area of hard power.’
    • ‘With its allies, it had used hard power, not soft.’
    • ‘In fact, the goal of spreading democracy should be a great progressive project; the means need to combine soft and hard power.’
    • ‘The United States currently spends 450 times as much on hard power as on soft power.’
    • ‘As for military might - hard power - our fears are again overdone.’
    • ‘World domination - superpowerdom - is all about hard power and soft power, military might and cultural impact.’
    • ‘Government tends to do hard power with a reasonable level of incompetence, and soft power with an incredible level of incompetence.’
    • ‘As he looks ahead to the history books, however, he seems to realize that hard power alone will not consolidate his position.’