Meaning of hardgainer in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhɑːdɡeɪnə/


  • (in bodybuilding) a person who does not find it easy to gain muscle through exercise.

    ‘The nine foods listed below are good high-carb choices that bodybuilders - especially hardgainers - can use to enhance muscle recovery and to pack on muscle mass.’
    • ‘Bodybuilders, especially hardgainers, need calories to grow, but supersized fries and soft drinks are among the worst food selections you can make.’
    • ‘For years, bodybuilders and hardgainers have been demanding an outstanding massbuilding supplement that contains the high-quality ingredients that help produce results.’
    • ‘Often, bodybuilding hardgainers get the protein message, but fail to take in all the complex carbs they need to fuel activity and help keep their muscles full of glycogen.’
    • ‘Keep in mind, though, that this can be challenging for some bodytypes - especially smaller bodybuilders and hardgainers.’